“First National Forum for Young Scholars of World History”Calling for Papers

Date  Jan 11, 2016

Cosponsored with Department of World History of ShanDong University, the editorial office of World History will hold the “First National Forum for Young Scholars of World History” from August 12th to 14th, 2016. The conference aims at promoting the studies of world history in China, encouraging academic exchanges of young scholars, and helping the growth of talents in the field of world history. The forum now calls for papers from nationwide young and middle-aged scholars. The editorial office of World History will invite experts screening papers based on their academic qualities. Competent papers will be published on World History.

Requirement and details for the Forum:


Young scholars from universities, colleges and research institutes all over China under the age of (With birth date after January 1,current graduate students not included).

Submission Requirements

  1. Themes are unlimited, papers in the realm of world history studies proposing new issues, applying new methodology, novel perspectives, and new works on theoretical studies and sino-foreign relations are preferred. 

  2. Only authors with papers passing through the screening are eligible to attend the forum.

  3. Papers shall not be previously published or submitted to other journals. Once chosen, World History has the priority of publishing the paper.

  4. Length of papers: Within 20,000 words.

  5. Deadline for submitting papers: June 10, 2016

  6. Date for Confirmation of paper admission: June 30, 2016

CONFERENCE SCHEDULE: Check in on August 12thConference on 13th -14th , Check out on 15th(Will notify if there is any change)。

FORUM LOCATION: Weihai Campus of Shandong University, Weihai, Shandong Province

FEES:Sponsors will cover boarding and registration fee. Lodging, round-trip tickets fee will be paid by participants themselves.

Papers shall be submitted to: sjlsbjb@163.com 


Contacts:LI Ran, XU Zairong

Tel: 010-65275907  


Editorial Office of World History

Department of World History, Shandong University

Releasing Date: December 1st, 2015