Economic & Social History Review Open Columns for Winners of the Best New Historians Prize

Date  Dec 31, 2016

From 4th issue of 2016, Economic & Social History Review opened columns for winners of the Best New Historians Prize, which is a new platform for young history students. Economic & Social History Review, operated by the Institute of European Civilization from Tianjin Normal University and edited by Prof. Hou Jianxin, is one of the most influential academic journals in history. Prof. Jiang Pei, dean of Faculty of History in NKU, wrote the editorial note to the new established columns.

The Best New Historians Prize, established in 1998, is an honor awarded by the National History Teaching Committee to recognize undergraduate students’ outstanding achievement in the field of history. Held every two years, it was awarded 10 times to 240 students. On September 24, 2016, faculty of history in NKU held the 10th Best New Historians Prize ceremony successfully.