Key Research Center of Social History of China

Date  Oct 22, 2020

Based on the “211 Project” entitled “Chinese Social History” and supported by two national key disciplines, namely Ancient History of China and Modern History of China, the Center for the Studies of Chinese Social History (CSCSH) at Nankai University was found in December, 1999 under the requirement of the MOE to deepen the systematic reform of scientific research and to construct first level key research base of Humanities. CSCSH was honored by MOE to be the “Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences” in September, 2000.

As of 2016, the center has 26 full-time and part-time faculty and staff members, including 22 professors and 4 associate professors, of whom 24 are Ph.D. degree holders. The full-time members are mainly from the CSCSH itself and related departments of the College of History, Nankai University. Part-time members are prestigious specialists in the field of Social History in China. 

CSCSH is undertaking several major national research projects, which amalgamated not only CSCSH members but nationwide experts and therefore greatly promoted the research of social history in China.  

In forging itself into a domestic academic research and exchange center in the related field, CSCSH held once or twice symposiums of various types annually, and at least one international symposium every three years. Every year, CSCSH encourages its members to go abroad and to areas like Hong Kong and Taiwan to attend academic conferences, conducing research as visiting scholars. It also often invites visiting scholars from China and abroad.

 CSCSH is in charge of the edition of the journal Review of Chinese Social History, an academic annually journal of social history, which has been incorporated into CSSCI journal collection.

 CSCSH has a wide range of social history research collection, which includes large amount of books, genealogical records, contracts, other archival materials and a special collection of “North China Documents”.

CSCSH of Nankai stands out in the arena of social history studies for the professionalism of its team and characteristics of its research. With the pioneering exploration in the reformation of research management as well as state-of-the-art hardware environment, CSCSH is focusing on deepening and expanding its research in hope to transform the center into an first class academic research base with world wide fame.

Director: Prof. CHANG Jianhua

Deputy Director: Prof. YU Xinzhong

Chairman of Academic Committee: Prof. FENG Erkang

Counselors: Prof. WEI Hongyun, Prof. LIU Zehua


Sub-research offices of CSCSH:

Office of Social Ideas and Mass Mentality History

Office of Traditional Grass-roots and National Power

Office of Social Life and Customs History

Office of Regional Social History.