Key Research Center for the History of Modern World

Date  Oct 22, 2020

Research Center for the History of Modern World of Nankai University has its origin in the Japanese History Research Section, American History Research Section and Latin American History Research Section established in 1964. Professor Wu Tingqiu, Professor Yang Shengmao and Professor Liang Zhuosheng were the founders of these research sections. After almost 30 years, under the lead of former Director Profess Wang Xiaode, Research Center for the History of Modern World was created based on foresaid three research sections. In 2004, Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China, formally approved Research Center for the History of Modern World as one of key research centers for social science and humanity research in China.


There are three research sections and one editorial department at the center: the history of capitalism research section, social cultural history research section, international relationship research section and the editorial department for Modern World History Research. There are fifteen faculty members at the center, of which twelve are professors and three associate professors. The center also applied more than ten part-time professors. Director of the center is Professor Yang Dongliang and the Vice-Director is Professor Han Qi.


Since the center was created, the faculty members have published a lot of monographs and articles. Many of them are frequently cited and used as reference works. Some of faculty members won the national prize and awards. The faculty members also have led dozens research projects which were granted by national social science funds. The center has held several international conferences. The major goal of the center is to play a leading role in modern world history research in China and to have a mutually rewarding collaborative relationship with international institutions and scholars in the field of modern world history.