Institute of Chinese Ancient Books & Culture

Date  Oct 22, 2020

Founded in April 1983 by Professor Yang Yixiang, the former Director, Institute of Chinese Ancient Books and Culture is directly attached to National Working Committee for Chinese Ancient Books Catalogue and Research in Higher Education and receives subsidy annually from the Committee to do catalogue and research. There are 9 scholars including 2 professors, 6 associate professors and 1 lecturers. Professor Zhao Boxiong is the Director recently.


The institute has been taken research projects such as Qing Wen Hai (a collected works of the Qing Dynasty), Han Wei Wen Shi Cong Shu (a series of literature and history of the Han and the Wei Dynasty), Shi Xue Zi Liao Bian Nian (a reference chronicle for a history of historiography). The main publications of the Institute are Tao Yuanming Nian Pu (a chronicle of Tao Yuanming’s life), Zhou Dai Guo Jia Xing Tai Yan Jiu (a study of the state form of the Zhou Dynasty), Chun Qiu Xue Shi (a history of the learning in the Spring and Autumn Period), Qing Dai Guan Fang Shi Xue Yan Jiu (a study of official historiography in the Qing Dynasty), Zhou Li Zhu Shu (notes and comments on Zhou Li), Zhong Jia Bian Nian Ti Shi (different chronicles of the Jin Dynasty), etc.


1. Research Section of Historic Bibliography

2. Research Section of Literature Bibliography