Center for Latin American Studies

Date  Oct 22, 2020

Center for Latin American Studies at Nankai University, has its origin in the Research Section of Latin American History at the Department of History which was established in 1964. Prof. Liang Zhuosheng was the founder of the Section. In 1991, based on the Section, the Center for Latin American Studies was established under the guidance of Ministry of Education. Prof. Hong Guoqi was nominated as the Director of the Center. Prof. Wang Xiaode was the second Director. Prof. Wang Ping is currently the Director of the Center.

In 2002 the Center for Latin American Studies was affiliated to the Faculty of History at Nankai University. Latin American History is not only the major component of National Key Subject of World History, but also one of critical subjects of Faculty of History. In the Center there are four full-time faculties including three professors (Wang Ping, Han Qi and Dong Guohui) and one associate professor (Pan Fang) and four adjunct research fellows (Shen Zhiliang who was the former Director-General of Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs of Ministry of Foreign AffairsWang Xiaode, Tan Rong, Wang Cuiwen and Li Juzhen) . Additionally, the Center had invited Prof. Yang Shengmao who was expert on American studies from Nankai University, Yuan Tao who was the former ambassador of China’s Embassy in Spain and Brazil, Li Beihai who was the vice minister of Ministry of Department of the Central Committee of CPC, as the consultants of the Center.

Based on the principles of concerning both the issues in Latin American history and the current situation, the Center tries to combine its fundamental research with the urgent needs of the Chinese government. The Center is focusing its research work on Latin American countries’ history, economy, politics, social and cultural development and international relations as well as the other issues related to American continent. These not only help the Center hold the key position in the circle of Latin American studies of all of universities and colleges in China, but also help the Center become one of the important think-tank of the Chinese government. The Center has assisted original Social Science Department of Commission of Education in drafting plan for “Eighth-Five” and “Ninth-Five” Projects Latin American key subjects of Ministry of Education, undertook research projects of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology and Bank of Development. The research fellows undertook 2 projects of “Eighth-Five” Liberal Arts and Social Science Projects, 2 projects of “Ninth-Five” design projects for original Commission of Education, 1 project of “Tenth-Five” design projects for National Social Science, 2 projects of “Tenth-Five” design projects for Commission of Education, 8 projects of National Funding of Social Sciences and 3 major projects of Key Research Center of Ministry of Education. There are over 30 books and 200 academic papers were published and which won two second class prizes from Ministry of Education, two first class prizes, eight second class prizes and eight third class prizes of Provincial and Municipal Social Science Excellent Results.

The Center initiated a graduate program in Latin American history in 1987 and a PhD program in 1997 as well as post-doctor program in 2002. The Center has set up systematic courses for undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral candidates and provided opportunity for the graduates and PhD candidates to study at the Latin American institutions of Latin American countries, Spain, U.S. Taiwan etc. for 6-12 months. Currently the Center has trained lots of special personnel for relevant research institutes, colleges and universities as well as government offices within China. Until July 2014 there were 58 postgraduate students and 35 doctoral candidates who were awarded Master and PhD respectively.

The Center developed actively international and national academic exchanges and cooperation. The research fellows of the Center have been to Brazil, France, Germany, US, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Cuba to visit or study. Meanwhile the Center received foreign experts and students from Brazil, US, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Belgium, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Jamaica and Cuba, etc. and invited well-known scholars home and abroad and former ambassadors to deliver lectures. The Center successfully hosted more than ten national and international academic conferences on Latin American history and current issues. In the context of China’s rapid economic development and close ties with the Latin American countries, the research fellows of the Center have been frequently invited by the Chinese government to attend some high-level meetings to make some suggestions and references for the government such as First Forum of China-Latin American Think-Tanks, Second Forum of China-Latin American Think-Tanks.


Due to the Center’s important position in China, the Center has become the place of Secretariat of China Society of Latin American Historical Studies since 1999. Prof. Hong Guoqi was the Chairman from 1999 to 2007. From 2007 up to now, Prof. Wang Xiaode has been the Chairman and Prof. Han Qi as the executive of vice Chairman. Since 2012, Prof. Wang Ping has been acting as vice Chair and Prof. Dong Guohui as Secretary General.


The Central goal of the Center is to continue to play a leading role in Latin American history and current research in China, and to have a mutual rewarding collaborative relationship with international institutions and scholars in the relevant field. Visiting scholars, donated books and other forms of help are always welcome. We are going to make continuous efforts to achieve this goal in the twenty-first century.