Zhu Yanmin (Professor)

Date  Apr 09, 2022

Zhu Yanmin (Professor)

Zhu Yanmin (1964-) was born in Junxian County, Henan Province. He is a doctor of history, a professor, and a doctoral tutor of the History College in Nankai University. Professor Zhu is a researcher at the Chinese Social History Research Center of Nankai University, a social science committee member of the Tianjin Federation of Social Sciences, the president of the Tianjin Sinology Research Association, a director of the China Pre-Qin History Society, and the vice president of the China Yin Shang Culture Society. He is also the director of the International Federation of Yi-ology and an Adjunct Professor at the Institute of Chinese Painting at Peking University.

Contact details: zhuyanmin2009@yeah.net

Teaching Courses:

Over the years, the courses offered for undergraduates, masters, and doctoral students include: Material Culture in Ancient China (Volume 1), Introduction to Paleography, Ancient Chinese Seals, History of Chinese Calligraphy, The Origin and Development of Chinese Characters, Research on Oracle-Bone Inscriptions and Yin-Shang History Studies, Relics and Archaeology and Research on the History of Pre-Qin Social Life, Special Subject on Yin Ruins Archaeology and Cultural Research in the Shang Dynasty, Chinese Historical Method, Pre-Qin Material Culture History, and Pre-Qin Social Life Historical Research, etc.

Research interests:

His areas of interest include Oracle Bone studies (Paleographology) and the history of the Shang Dynasty (expanded to Pre-Qin History in recent years), archaeology of the Yin Ruins, and the history of calligraphy art, recruiting masters in Pre-Qin History and doctoral students in Pre-Qin Social History.